“The Plough and the Stars” featuring Hilda Fay is due to be performed at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith in March 2018. For more information click here. For more information on this play being regarded as one of Boston’s best performances of 2016, click here.Hilda Fay receives critical acclaim


By Sean O’Casey. Directed by Sean Holmes. . Produced by the Abbey Theatre. Presented by American Repertory Theater. At Loeb Drama Center, Cambridge, through Oct. 9. Tickets start at $25; 617-547- 8300, www.americanrepertorytheater.org


“But it’s marked by a brace of strong performances from Hilda Fay as Burgess.”

The Telegraph

“The cast does strong work – notably Hilda Fay as Bessie Burgess, drowning grief in alcohol and shouting at the world. The nationalism that, in reality, widows her long before her husband goes to fight the British. The women dominate the stage here.”

The Stage

“The standout is definitely Hilda Fay’s Bessie Burgess, bringing the most depth as the tormented mother of a boy in the trenches. Fay carries the complexities of Bessie – surely one of the great characters in the Irish canon – such as the clash between being principled and not. She professes her Protestantism but loots the shops during the rising. She’s verbally cruel to her neighbours, but looks after her neighbour’s sick daughter Mollsy.“

Time Out

“Characters who come out of it the strongest. Hilda Fay’s irascible Bessie.”

Exeunt Magazine

“The women here are excellent, chief among them Hilda Fay’s hard as nails, direct talking Bessie Burgess”


“The brightest stars Hilda Fay as Bessie Burgess, the neighbourhood termagant loyal to the Union Jack but who risks her life for everyone.”    

West End Extra

“Strong, nuanced performances by Hilda Fay as a gruff but ultimately heartbreaking Bessie bring the play to a fine emotional climax.”

Arts Desk

“Allows plenty of scope for good character actors to thrive. Hilda Fay as Bessie Burgess jousts with Janet Moran playing Cissie Gogan to great effect.”

British Theatre Guide

“The cast is phenomenal, Hilda Fay is affecting as unionist Bessie Burgess.”

The Guardian

“Most memorable are Hilda Fay’s unexpectedly charitable alcoholic Bessie Burgess.”

The Standard

“Holmes’s 14-strong cast is simply superb. Great performance by Hilda Fay.”

The Times